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"The Chimpanzee Within" gouache and string

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Item #3010

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Marina Ruiz

Seattle, WA


Gouache and string on paper, framed, 22.5 x 30". This was a commissioned piece specifically for CSNW by Marina Ruiz. The artist Polina Tereshina is a Russian born painter who currently lives in Seattle. Playful yet strange, one views her work with an unmistakable hint of recognition. Tereshina explains, "I find inspiration by looking both outward and inward. From these observations I have developed a cast of characters who help me tell the stories. Then I pose the characters out of context in a simple, shallow space." Within Seattle, Tereshina has strong ties to the community. She works with locally operated businesses to help bring her art to their promotional material, and has shown in many prominent workspaces within Seattle's artistic community.