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Photograph the Chimps!

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Item Value: $ 1,500.00

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Karen Ducey and Dean Rutz

Seattle, WA
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Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

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Here's your chance to show your true photography talents and learn new skills - no prior camera experience necessary!

Using pro long lenses, under the guidance of professional photographers Karen Ducey and Dean Rutz, you will have the opportunity to shoot close-up photos of the chimps from the observation platform looking towards Young's Hill. The camera lenses are the same focal length that Rutz uses to shoot the Seahawks at the Superbowl, the Mariners, Sounders, and the Olympic games; and that Ducey uses telling animal protection stories for Animal News Northwest. And they are ultra fabulous for chimp photography!

Gear for the day and lessons will be provided, including a professional-level Canon camera, 400mm f2.8L IS II lens, a monopod, and a variety of shorter lenses you can play with (over $100,000 worth of gear).

Capture images of the chimpanzees freely exploring their beautiful surroundings at the sanctuary. You get to keep all of the photos you take and Ducey and Rutz will edit and tone a few of your favorites. This was a big hit with auction winners last year!

Expires October 1, 2015. Date subject to photographers' and sanctuary staff's availability. Weekdays are a possibility.